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The development of the Toyger breed started in 1980 when Judy Sudgen tried to clarify the mackerel markings in tabbies. One day she noticed distinctive markings on two of her cats. The markings occurring on the head, an area normally devoid of distinct pattern, inspired her to the idea of a tiger-like tabby.

After importing a tom from the streets of India with noticeable head markings, the queest to develop tiger-like, circular face markings in the cat began.

TICA Regstration

Tica breed standard toygers
Nowadays there are hundreds of breeders all over the world working to develop the breed. There are still some breeding possibilities for breeders to look for, for example: smaller eyes, a whitened chest, stomach markings and a cheek ruff.
The introduction of the Bengal breed into the gene
In 1990 the Toyger breed was recognized by TICA for 'Registration only' and in 2007 it's status was upgraded to allow the breed the full 'Championship' status.
pool was meant to produce a bigger cat body.
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