Toyger Breeders and Catteries

A cat breed is a rank for the classification of domestic cats. A cat is considered to be of a certain cat breed if it is true breeding for the traits that defines that cat breed. Various cat registries around the world record and certify the pedigrees. Only three percent of all cats belong to a cat breed. A registration certificate proves that a cat belongs to a cat breed by showing the cat's pedigree back to at least four generations.
Here you can find links to breeders and catteries for the Toyger breed. These breeders and catteries have been working with cats for many years and have lots of experience in breeding Toygers.
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Jungletrax Cats
Hommelshof Toyger Cattery
Lake Mountain Bengals and Toygers
Primaeval Cattery
Queenanne Cats
Wildfx Toygers and Bengal Cats
Santeepride Toygers
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Lake Mountain Bengals and Toygers
Primaeval Cattery, Bengals and Toygers
Queenanne Cats, Bengals and Toygers
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