The Toygers on these photos are amongst the first cats that could really be called Toygers. The Toyger breed has been developing only since the late 80's with a first "TICA for Registration Only" recognition early in the 90's. During these first years of development Toygers were extremely rare. Some of the cats on these photos were born in the early '00. Toygers are bred to look like tigers, so ideal members of this breed have a short, reddish-orange coat with black tiger stripes.
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Sunnica Toygers
Mahatiger's Toygers. Cats and kittens toyger breed, feline pets.
Sunnica toygers, photo and pics of cats
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Dynastia Toygers
Mahatiger's Toygers
Santeepride Toygers
Dynastia pic and photo of pet cats
Photo of a toyger, the new pet cat.
Photo of a toyger, tiger cat. pics of cats photos.
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