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Toygers are a relative new cat breed.
Toygers are domestic cats and can be held as household cats.
Toygers look a lot like miniature tigers.
Did you know...?
Toygers have been registered with the International Cat Association (TICA) since 1993. This May they will join more familiar purebred felines, such as Persians and Siamese, that can be judged as championship cats at TICA-sponsored cat shows.
"Toygers: The charm of real tigers but none of the teeth."
"It's hypnotic eyes and threatening stalk make the tiger one of the most captivating animals on our planet". It used to be that people could only catch a small glimpse of the creature; in the wilds, in the jungle or behind bars at the zoo...
Not anymore, thanks to animal enthusiast and toyger breeder Judy Sugden. Now fans of the feline can take home a small miniature version of a tiger.
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National Geographic:

March 21, 2007—Sumatra, a registered toyger, displays the rusty colored fur and unique black stripes of the relatively new cat breed.

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Abc News: "Toygers, the charm of tigers but none of the teeth."
Life Magazine: It's a house cat! It's a tiger! Meet the Toyger, America's new super pet."
National Geographic News: "Toygers versus Tigers."
Save the Tiger Fund

The creator of the first Toyger: Judy Sudgen said she hopes the wonderfull and playful pets will inspire more people to care about wild tiger conservation.

We use part of the price of the kittens to help the conservation of tigers, since that's our inspiration, she said.

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